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Product: REV self-ordering tablet + interactive advertisement

Designed for: Ajisen Ramen Shanghai, China


Number of outlet/ Number of tablets rolled-out: 665 outlets in Shanghai/ 25,000 tablets


The REV tablet is exclusively deploy and manage for all of Ajisen China Holdings Ltd’s current and future restaurants in China for a period of six years. 

It is a new product and services offering for food and beverage restaurant chains that enables a customer to self-order, product promotions and upselling, and automation of payment processes, based on an outsourcing and revenue share business model.

It is also designed to be a media channel to improve customer interaction by delivering multimedia contents to a restaurant chain’s customers.

REV Rotation 360 for MicroSIte.175.jpg

UX Process

1.    Business/ application - Know the business and application.

2.    Business/ application - Task analysis.

3.   User research - Know the users.

4.   User research - Interview, task flows, scenarios.

5.   Information architecture - User centricity, card sorting, information architecture.

6.   Wireframe creation - Low  and high fidelity prototype

7.   Visual design - Application style guide

Self-Ordering Kiosk for Jollibee Singapore


Self-Ordering Kiosk for OldTown White Coffee Malaysia


Information Architecture

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